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Logistics since 1859

Logistics since 1859

A long and proud history
The companies Ludvig Andersen and Mørcks Efterfølger joined forces on 01 January 1984 to start a new company named Andersen & Mørck A/S. Both companies were venerable shipbrokers and line agents, of which Mørcks Efterfølger was the oldest. In a newspaper article from Fredriksstad Blad (1917) we read:

«On 27 September 1859, Mr A. Chr. Mørck was employed as an authorised and privileged broker in Fredriksstad, thus founding the company named in the heading.

Ludvig Andersen founded his chartering company on 15 May 1906.

News from the press

Safe and effective handling of all types of cargo

We read from shortseashipping.no (08.08.2017) Fast-paced days at Borg harbour
From nrk.no (02.02.2017) Trucks won the shipping war again.
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From Halden Arbeiderblad 30.12.2011 Securing a grip on Halden
From Halden Arbeiderblad 29.08.2010 A giant enters the Ringdalsfjorden
From Halden Arbeiderblad 28.08.2012 A giant enters the fjord
From Fredrikstad blad 25.08.2010 A sad goodbye
Picture series from Halden Arbeiderblad (29.08.2012) Journey of North Sea Giant into the Ringdalsfjorden

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We sponsor our local community

Andersen & Mørck are keenly interested in the local community and sponsors local clubs, teams and associations.

We have been sponsoring these clubs for many years: 

  • Fredrikstad fotballklubb (soccer)IMG_3110
  • Fredrikstad basketballklubb 2003-2017 (basketball)
  • Fredrikstad & omegn rideklubb (horseriding club)
  • Kongstensvømmerene (swimming)
  • Kvik Halden FK (soccer)
  • HK Halden (handball)
  • Kråkerøy idrettslag (sports club)
  • Sarpsborg IL håndballgruppe (handball)
  • Havna Bedriftsidrettslag (company sports team)
  • Fredrikstad Ballklubb (handball)
  • Månefestivalen 2013, 2014, 2015 og 2016
  • Annals of the Fredrikstad Museum Mindre AlvMindre Alv
  • Dok:15 - National festival for documentary photography and photojournalism