Customer charter

4 good reasons to choose Andersen & Mørck

As a privately-owned Norwegian company, we put our hearts into personal and professional follow-up. This has been an important part of our goals for growth in recent years. We have more than 60 highly skilled employees including 25 professionals in the field of freight forwarding and ship clearance and more than 30 men working at Borg Havn terminal. In additional we have 5 people stationed at the Norwegian-Swedish border (the entry to EU) who specialise in customs clearance for Norwegian and international customers.

Our employees believe in our common values, embodied in the company's service poster – 4 goals to ensure our customers the best follow-up all the way from start to finish.

At Andersen & Mørck

  • We aim to treat everyone with respect and kindness
  • We aim to be solution-oriented
  • We aim to provide personal and professional service
  • We try to respond to all enquiries as quickly as possible

Geir Teistung
Managing director

Andersen & Mørck will respond quickly to all enquiries